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MEGASPLET d.o.o. was created as a realization of the idea to offer the customer a friendly, high quality, comfortable and convenient online purchase. Our mission is “quality and affordable prices for all”, offering first-class products for beauty, fashion and healthy living. The first store was created in 2011. Now, we operate in the European market and cover more than 30 online stores.

Our company employs and works with 60 highly qualified professionals who create successful stories and push boundaries in the field of online shopping. We have different personalities, but we have clear common goals – customer satisfaction, dedication, growth.


Back in 2011, Luka the CEO came up with the idea for the first online store. As a 21-year-old student, he realized that  there were no online stores in our county that were intended mainly for students. By the end of that year, he opened an online store which offered various entertainment products, the most successful being beer giraffes, cocktail equipment and various drinking games. Luka transformed his room into a small warehouse, with more and more packages were sent out on a daily basis. At first, his mother and father helped him with the orders, but as he opened two more stores in 2012 and 2014, he expanded his team.

Over time, MEGASPLET’s online stores grew and soon regular customers were no longer just students. Our offer expanded so that everyone could find something for themselves. Today we sell original and affordable products for entertainment, home, sports, Christmas, Valentine’s and birthday gifts, as well as products for personal care and health.

MEGASPLET d.o.o. is currently operating in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Portugal with ambition to expand into other European countries. It currently employs and works with over 60 promising and ambitious young people, who are all working together as a team to achieve customer satisfaction by offering quality products and creating an amazing customer experience. MEGASPLET d.o.o. stores have more than a million satisfied customers.


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