What we do

Our procurement team plays a vital part in the company. They make sure we have anything to offer to our customers. They cover everything from sourcing new goods to communication and negotiation with suppliers.
When container deliveries with new goods arrive, our team carefully sorts and stores the products in the warehouse. Our order fulfillment team is optimally organized and transfers parcels to our shipping partners within a few hours. Our goal is an optimal flow of goods.
Data processing
Each customer wants and expects the goods they ordered at their door as soon as possible. We strive to make that happen. As soon as an order is placed in one of our online stores, our employees process it and forward it to the order fulfillment team.
If there are any questions, our support team is the reliable contact for our customers. They help with questions about orders or products – and not only in one language. Our multilingual team takes care of our international customers.
When shopping digitally, the customer can neither feel nor test a product. They depend on the information in the product presentation. We don’t just provide them with information that is worth knowing. Rather, our content team gives the buyer a feel and story for the product. The team focuses on UX (user experience) to make sure our websites and products are easy to use and enhance the experience of our customers.
No matter how good or innovative our products are, if people don’t know they exist, they won’t buy them. This is where our marketing team comes into play. They analyze the market, plan marketing strategies and advertise on different platforms.
Our central warehouse is located in Domžale near Ljubljana (Slovenia). It is close to the highway and offers excellent transport connections. Our modern warehouse allows us to centralise the issue of goods, which are then delivered throughout Europe by our delivery partners. In 2021, we plan to fully digitise the warehouse, which will allow us to increase the flow of items even further.
At Megasplet we are oriented globally. We are selling lifestyle products, home and garden accessories, clothing and footwear. In ten years, we have created strong partnerships directly with manufacturers. Only this gives us power over the quality of our products. When developing more technically demanding products, we regularly communicate the responses of our customers and agree with manufacturers on changes and refinements.

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